Tuesday, May 31, 2005

ripple afghan

I'm taking a little time off from knitting now. The garden needs work. The only project I'm working on now is a ripple afghan which I inherited from my mother-in-law about 10 years ago. I finished a granny square afghan that my grandmother had started. (That was in the 70's.) Now I'm finishing one that my mother-in-law only bought the kit for. It's really simple to make -- perfect for something to do while watching TV. (I changed the pattern a little from the directions. I'm incapable of following directions exactly. I always think that this, that, or the other would be a little better if I did this instead of that.)

Chain a multiple of 25 plus 4 (304 for the one I'm making).
Then for each row after that:
chain 1, single crochet 1 (in last stitch of previous row), single crochet in back loop of next st, * skip 1, sc 11 (in back loops), in next back loop sc 3, sc 11 (in back loops), skip 1 *. End with sc 1 (in back loop), sc 1.

Note: The part between *'s is repeated until the end of the row. Between sets of sc 11, there will either be skip 2 stitches or sc 3 in same stitch. Change colors after every 8th row.

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