Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Short-sleeve boat-neck raglan pullover - 4

Sleeves:  (There are 54 [74] stitches in scrap.)

To start the sleeve: With the garment right-side out, slide a double-pointed needle --or a 16" circular needle -- into the garment to the right of the sleeve opening (to keep the needle from slipping).  Identify the 8 [18] stitches that were cast at the bottom of the sleeve opening.  (Using a crochet hook,) pull yarn from the nearest scrap stitch through the top of the right-most of these stitches and then place the stitch back in scrap.  Do the same for the left-most stitch.   Pull yarn through the tops of the next 6 [16] stitches and slide onto the needle (making sure that the long end of the yarn is behind the needle).  (Pull the yarn from back to front through the top of knit stitches, and from front to back for purl stitches.)   (There are now 6 [16] stitches on the needle and 54 [74] stitches in scrap.)

Then k1, p2, k3, p2 from the stitches in scrap.  Work the k3p2 pattern around until there are no stitches in scrap. 

Work k3p2 around for 14 [18] rounds.  k3p2 to get to the center bottom of the sleeve.  Bind off.

Work the other sleeve the same way.  Weave in all loose ends, and the garment is complete.


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